A well-behaved, obedient dog is... Perfectly Pawsible!

Western Virginia Dog Training

No more pulling!

Is your dog pulling you around on walks?

Established in 2009, Perfectly Pawsible has had the privilege of training dogs for homeowners in OH, TN & VA. Located in Blacksburg, VA, our focus is and always has been on-site obedience training. We feel that obedience training is the same as “good citizen” training. Over the years, we’ve learned that most dog lovers are looking for a dog that obeys, has good manners and works well in public.

Why do we train “on-site?” We feel that if your pooch is having an issue at home or work or at the summer camp site, that’s its best to treat the behavior there. We’ve tried it other ways and our experience is that it just isn’t as effective.

Need Potty Training?

Need Potty Training?

We make dog training as simple as we can for you and your furry friend. So, if you’re experiencing dog behavior issues, or perhaps you want to go further with your dog obedience training and you’re unsure of how to move forward, an initial evaluation appointment is the best way to get started.

What’s an initial evaluation appointment?

We start our training and obedience program with an evaluation appointment. We come to you and meet with your pack (your family of humans and pets!). We interact with your pack to see what’s working, what’s not working and what you’re doing to achieve results. We’ll discuss the goals you have for your canine friend(s). After that, we discuss how we can achieve those results, how long we feel it will take, and then establish the cost to achieve your goals. There are no high-pressure sales tactics. We treat you and your pets with the utmost respect. You will know if you’re ready to move forward or not. And if you’re not, that’s fine too.

This evaluation appointment is always without obligation! We are happy to spend 30-45 minutes with you to ensure you have the information as you need. We do no training during the visit, but will work with you and your dog enough to ensure everyone involved understands all the challenges we may face.

No Cost Evaluation

We are based in Blacksburg, VA, so for new customers near us we come to your home or business without cost to you. Depending on drive time to you there may be a minimal cost, just enough to cover some time on the road and gas. However, in most cases, there is no fee for this initial evaluation. In any case, we will establish any cost on the phone so you have no surprises when we arrive! For clarity, please complete our contact form, or just call Master Trainer, Grant Holmes at (540) 505-0393.



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